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The Joy of Groups

The past few weeks have been busy. I'm preparing for a five week holiday and that has meant that I have to make sure all my commitments to my various interest groups is up to date.

At present I am an active member the wonderful Marian Art Group. These talented artists share ideas, techniques and exhibit together and have a wonderful creative time.

In addition I belong to Indie-Scriptorium a self publishing collective. There's only three of us and we meet every month or so. We have a website and post regular blogs about writing techniques, style, editing, self-publishing and marketing information. We've written over one hundred blogs in the past two years. Regular blogging has increased my knowledge and honed my writing skills.

I also belong to Creat/Write a critique group. We meet every fortnight and take turns submitting our current writing projects for evaluation. It is not for the faint hearted but provides invaluable feedback.

Romance Writers of Australia is a large organisation which provides tremendous opportunities for emerging and professional romance writers. The South Australian members meet up regularly for write-ins and social nights. The RWA organise an excellent yearly conference which is chock full of wonderful presentaions, truely epic cocktail nights and Gala dinners.

In addition I am working with a small team of local writers and our local library to organise a writing event in September this year. The event will be focused on people in the community who may wish to join Book clubs, writing groups and meet local authors.

Groups are time consuming but fabulous for improving writing skills, sharing information and just having fun with other authors.

Cheers Elsie King ©2024

Painting by L.C.Wong ©2024

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