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This rose will soon be adorning the cover of my new novel A Suitable Bride. The painting was done specifically for the cover. A yellow rose is a symbol of friendship and love and is great for when you have had a difficult period in your life and need cheering up. Single yellow roses denotes strong friendships and in my novel my protagonists start out as friends but love builds despite impossible odds. 

Out soon. 


Gum nuts from the red flowering gum are a favourite subject for me. I love their shape and colour. Hints of salmon in the veins and branches, contrast beautifully with the green/blue of the leaves. New growth is also a bright pink, a fabulous contrast. The gum nuts are textured and change colour from green to purple as they age.

I've painted several watercolours with gum nuts and they usually sell at exhibitions. I'm lucky to have a row of trees planted along a road on my usual walk. The bright orange blossom in winter makes a fabulous display, brightening up the grey winter sky. 

Cheers L.C.Wong ©2023.

Out of the Garden - botanical watercolours by L.C.Wong

Fun in the Sun - mixed media by Lynda Huppatz'

Exhibition at Mockingbird Lounge
68 Broadway Glenelg South

Friday 4th August to Thursday 31st August
10am-4pm daily

Enjoy a coffee, wine and homemade food as you browse through art, books, crafts and many other delights.


blue rose.jpg

This painting of blue roses is one of my favourites and is currently being incorporated into a cover for my novel A Suitable Heir. 

I am working with a wonderful graphic designer and illustrator Kate Smallwood who is doing some amazing work on my cover design. You can see Kates work on her web site devious 

Stay tuned for developments on the cover design and release of my first novel.

Marion Art Group - Celebrating 45 Years

I've been a member of this wonderful group for the past nine years. We meet most Monday mornings to paint, share and inspire. It is not a teaching group. Most artists have their own style and techniques and produce works ready to exhibit and sell. But we do share a lot of ideas, encouragement and laughter. Currently MAG has a very diverse and interesting exhibition at Gallery M, Marion Culture Centre, 287 Diagonal Road, Oaklands Park. It will be on show until the 7th May. Please visit and enjoy.

This painting, which I consider to be a semi-abstract is my depiction of the Painted Desert which is near Coober Pedy in South Australia. It is a stunning area full of dramatic outcrops, colours and vistas. It is well worth a trip out there.

This painting will be displayed in the

Gallery M, Marion Art Group (MAG) exhibition at the Marion Culture Centre Oaklands Park. The exhibition opens on the 14th April and closes on the 7th May 2023

I hope you will take the opportunity to visit and enjoy my work and that of the wonderful MAG artists. All paintings will be for sale. You can also purchase gifts and cards and enjoy a light meal at the cafe. 


L.C.Wong © 2023

McDonnel ranges_edited.jpg

This small acrylic landscape is inspired by the Australian artist Albert Namatjira, a wonderful indigenous artist of the Arrerente people. He worked in watercolours and captured the colours and landscape of the West MacDonnell Ranges in the Northern Territory. 

I've tried to capture the perspective using cooler colours in the background and warmth and more details in the foreground. 

Cheers L.C.Wong

I love roses and I enjoy painting them in watercolours. They are a spectacular flower and come in so many delightful shapes, colours and types. Getting the shading right is challenging but painting them is almost meditative. The petals can be intricate or simple but have a wonderful design element. I also enjoy depicting the buds, leaves and spiky stems. 

I hope you enjoy this painting of full blown deep red roses from my garden. 

Cheers L.C.Wong


This acrylic was one of my first landscapes. I've always loved the Australian bush and hoped to capture it on canvas. I usually paint botanic watercolours but wanted to try something new. Changing a medium is tricky as you have to get to know a totally different way of painting. It's challenging and a matter of trial and error. 

This picture is not a particular place but a compilation of photos and memories. The joy of painting is that you can make up your own landscape.

This painting resides with my son in the UAE. A memory of home.

Cheers L.C.Wong

In 2019 I travelled to Western Australia to view the wildflowers. What a wonderful holiday. Big and small the flowers are spectacular and the hunt for them a fabulous find and seek exercise. 

I particularly liked the tiny orchids tucked away in between other plants. 

This painting is of a donkey orchid. Done in watercolours on arches paper. I hope you enjoy it and are inspired to look for these tiny treasures either in your own state or go to W.A. in September and join the hunt. 

Cheers L.C.Wong (pen name Elsie King)

winter rose_edited.jpg

A Rose for Christmas ©L.C. Wong 2022

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