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The Final Draft - A Suitable Bride

Updated: Apr 27

This week I have been busy with the final tasks of getting a novel published.

I have received the edits of Marie and Alison, two wonderful retired teachers who are eagle eyed proof readers who find the wrong words, date discrepancies, name problems and typos that mar my final draft.

I then had to make the changes, make sure it all read OK with no strange line splices and then recheck to make sure I hadn't added more problems than they had solved.

Next step is loading up to my publishing platform Draft2Digital. I love the quality of this companies books and the program is doable even for someone as technologically challenged as me.

It takes quite a lot of setting up to make sure all the additional pages are in the right places. This includes dedications, chapter list, acknowledgements, reviews of my previous book, author bio and copyright page. The process can mean making changes to your final draft and then trying it out with the d2d program. I found it is a matter of trial and error but after much fiddling was was happy with the end result. Getting the cover to fit is also a tricky business but again with trial and error I got it nearly correct. My graphic designer will hopefully get it completely right. The rose above is featured on the cover.

I've now ordered a proof copy of A Suitable Bride and if it is as perfect as it can be I will publish on the 30th April 2024. Look out for the release next week.

Cheers Elsie

Painting by L.C.Wong ©2024

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