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Here's an update on my latest projects (and the reason I've not been posting blogs)

New Release - A Suitable Bride - available from 30/4/24

With my sister visiting, and living with me for three months it left very little time for writing. We had fun, drank a lot of wine, socialised and frolicked in the swim/spa but visitors are not conducive to working on a novel. That said, I did manage to complete the first draft of my third novel (working title) A Suitable Passion by the end of February. At the moment the manuscript has been put away so I can read it with fresh eyes before the editing process begins.

I also finally edited my second novel A Suitable Bride and it is now with Draft2digital getting a proof copy. The release date is for the 30th April. This was the first book I wrote and subsequently it needed a lot of editing. It was entered into the Romance Writers of Australia Emerald competition and was short listed. The feedback from the judges was extremely helpful too. The cover is by Kate Smallwood of Devious Cat Design

Indie Scriptorium - self publishing collective also takes up much of my spare time. We blog every week about all things to do with writing and self-publishing. Please have a look at our website

I continue to attend a wonderful critique group, Create/Write where members submit their work for some robust feedback from other members. It's a great way of honing your skills as a writer and a reader.

In addition I try to catch up with members of Romance Writers of Australia for writing sessions and social drinks. Fabulous way to network with other authors.

Marion Art Group keeps me painting but I must admit my output has slowed down as I spend more time writing.

I have promised myself to try and build my web site with more blogs and posts and learn to use it as a marketing tool. It is a work in progress.

Cheers Elsie © Elsie King 2024

Cover for A Suitable Bride ©Devious Cat Design 2024

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