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A Rocky Road

Updated: May 25

At times technology can be a boon and at other times a trial.

For the past two weeks I have been unable to post a new blog as my Wix website wouldn't allow me to upload a photo and then my website froze and I had to close it down without signing out. I also got some instructions in another language and feared I had been hacked.

The team at Wix have been helpful and assured me the website had not been infiltrated and suggested it was a local issue.

I recieved some easy to follow instructions and uploaded this new photo so hopefully the problem is resolved. I now am trying to get my web site to load to Facebook. Here's another rabbit burrow to swallow my time and attention. Wish me luck.

I will now be able to start marketing my new book A Suitable Bride. The feedback from readers has been wonderful so far.

This blog is a test run. Stay tuned for more blogs on my author journey.

The photo is by L.C.Wong (thats me) and is a storm over The Devils Marbles in the Northern Territory Australia. Please respect the copyright©2024.

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