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A Poem - First thing in the Morning

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Warming beams of silvered light,

Shattered into shadowed light,

Bt trees, ancient and divine,

Standing in eternal time,

The ground hoary, crisp with frost,

Mist rising, horizons earlier lost,

Emerge, first thing in the morning.

Grass crunches under chilly feet,

Lowing cows huddle, sharing heat,

A magpie chuckles to greet the day,

Parrots screech and rise to play,

Wind murmurs among the leaves,

Dew drops, as the night must grieve,

Defeated, first thing in the morning.

The air fills lungs with stimulation,

Breath clouds with every exhalation,

The heart lifts as it's beat proclaims,

The ethereal beauty it acclaims,

We shiver in the dawning light,

But beauty abounds following the night,

Exultant, first thing in the morning.

In the absence of a regular blog I have included a poem I wrote several years ago.

Cheers Elsie King ©2023

Photo L.C.Wong ©2023

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