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Sense and Sensibility - A synopsis poem

Just for a change I thought I would add a silly little poem I penned several years ago.

I'm not a poet but occasionally enjoy the process of writing poetry. Mine tend to be humorous and rhyming and my favourite poets are people like Pam Ayers.

With profound apologies to Jane Austen and all her fans but I hope you get a giggle from this little ditty. And thanks to Mary McDee who tweaked this and made it poetically acceptable.

Sense and sensibility,

A historic, literary read,

It's allure is pure romance,

Set midst familial greed.

The Dashwood girls are charming,

But their plight was rather sad,

Daddy's death robbed their chances,

Their step-brother turned out bad.

So, off they went to the country,

Dependent on a relative's whim,

From a life of comfort and riches,

To a life of poverty grim.

Poor Elinor's love was thwarted,

By Mrs Ferrar's selfish bent,

Edward could never marry,

Without his Mama's consent.

Elinor nursed her broken heart,

But not so Maryanne,

She spurned dear Colonel Brandon,

For a most unsuitable man.

Willoughby proved a bounder,

His appearance was all dash,

He broke poor Maryanne's heart,

Chose Miss Grey with all her cash.

Then Lucy enters the picture,

As Edward's secret girl,

Elinor has to honour the match,

But her heart was in a whirl.

Lucy then falls out of love,

Despite Edward's unerring honour,

Flighty young thing, she falls in love,

With Edward's younger brother.

But Maryanne is not so lucky,

Willoughby marries another,

Maryanne succumbs to the flu,

Is saved by Brandon and her mother.

Of course, it all ends very well,

Edward and Elinore can wed,

Brandon wins Maryanne's fair heart,

'Cos he's persistent and well read.

© Elsie King 2023

Art © L.C.Wong 2023

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