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Taking a holiday Is it possible to take a holiday and continue writing your novel?

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

After a busy year of writing, editing and publishing my first novel as well as being a part of the RWA Sweet Treats anthology I needed a holiday.

So, I am writing this from the Atherton tablelands in far north Queensland and yes, it is possible to holiday away and continue to write.

I am currently writing my third novel, A Suitable Passion (working title). It is a complex plot set in 1830. This was a time of great social changes in Britain with the population divided over the issue of slavery. I have set a love story within this turmoil.

When on holiday, the internet, power to charge your computer and the lack of my library of resources are impediments to flow. It’s also difficult to find time every day to write. But I can still think and write the first draft. I highlight everything that needs research and while slow the words continue to mount.

Why write on holiday? Because I need to write, to keep my characters alive, to remember their quirks and the colour of their eyes.

I also like to blog as regularly as possible and explain when my blogs disappear. So, this is to let you know I'm on holiday and still writing.

Cheers Elsie King ©2023 Photo by L.C.Wong - Clifton Beach Queensland ©2023

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